Harry and Herbert

Room 7 have been learning about paper collage.  

Mrs Isaacson read the story about Harry and Herbert but she didn’t show us the pictures. We had to create the pictures in our minds.   Mrs Isaacson also showed us some interesting works of art using only paper. The paper was ripped, cut, different shapes and layered.  



We then had to work with a buddy or in a small group to create a paper collage picture of our own that related to a part of the Harry and Herbert story.

Our criteria:

  • We could pick any part of the story we liked.
  • This was a chance for us to practice the paper skills.
  • We had to rip and cut the paper, using different shapes and lots of layers.
  • When we had finished we were going to read our story to our buddy class, showing them our paper collage pictures as the illustrations.

First, we drew our designs on paper.  We had to label the colours we would use.


Daisy and Charlotte

Next, we got to work – cutting, ripping and layering.  This was lots of fun.


Delta and Tara

Once we had finished (and checked that we had met the criteria) we had to type out the story that went with our picture. We put the story into our own words and we were allowed to add bits in.


Cameron and Frankie

Finally, we had the practice to get the story order right before we shared with our buddy class.



Room 7 about their art

We liked the sea creatures in our picture because the jellyfish is 3D Tara and Delta

I liked my stripy house because it is unique Daisy

I liked Herbert being pushed into the water in my picture.  I like the splashes I made with the ripped paper Natalie

Room 15/16 after we read them our story

Zoe I liked when he fell in the water

Skye I love the jellyfish

Nia I liked the rainbow one

Aiden I liked the rainbow and the river pictures

Ryker I liked the snow




art collage room7 cameronandfrankie 6