Heartfelt Hands

The hand expresses what the heart already knows”.

Samuel Mockbee

Room 7 have been learning about each other this term. We have shared the things we like to do, what we are good at and our favourite food. We also talked about things in our life that were special or important to us. We realised that important things can be expressed in different ways because we are all different.

Mrs Isaacson introduced our art activity, which was: to create a pattern, design or write words on the outline of our hands. The designs on our hands had to mean something special to us and we could express that in any way we wanted. 




First, we had to do a practice sketch, so we could play around with our design ideas. We traced around our hands then practised our designs on the inside of our hands. When we were happy with our designs we got to scrape it out on the black hands. It was cool when we scraped off the black ink because it was colourful underneath and that made our designs look interesting and stand out.


Once the whole class had finished we sat around in a circle and talked about some of the designs we had drawn and why they were important to us. Some children said nice things that they liked about other people’s work.



Mrs Isaacson then put our hands on the wall with our class waka. Our waka is our vehicle that drives and supports our learning in class. We are all in the waka together on our Room 7 learning journey.


art hands room 7 2