Hooking into Technology

Room 7 loves to read.  

We read chapter books, picture books, comics, magazines, our own writing and sometimes the newspaper. Mrs Isaacson wondered how we could use a bit of technology to add variety to our reading time.

While we were learning about global issues Mrs Isaacson found a story about a boat called The Rena. It was about how The Rena crashed and the oil from the boat leaked into the sea. There was a container full of burger buns that fell off too. We were able to listen to the story as a listening post. Mrs Isaacson used a special plug that went into her laptop and we could plug heaps of headphones into it and all listen at the same time. We could just listen or we could listen and follow along with the journal story.





It was easier to understand the story when I listened to it – Frankie

It’s nice and quiet – Cameron

You don’t have to read and it’s a bit different – Shaun

I liked it because it is cool how you can listen to it but I liked to follow the book too – Rikki

I think it was good listening to a story because if it is too hard you can still read it – Ahnika

Another way to jazz up our reading time was for Mrs Isaacson to sign the class up to Epic reading.  This is where we get to choose a story to read on the IPad. Sometimes we can have the story read to us or we can read it ourselves.  When we read lots we get points and the more points we get earns us a badge. We can stick the badge to our reading caterpillar. We will have to read lots to get to the end of the reading caterpillar, but we like a challenge.

Mrs Isaacson made a quiz for us after we read a story about Rapunzel and the Wolf.  It was the first time she had done a quiz. I thought it was a bit easy. I got 6/6.



It’s fun because it can read to me – Maz

It’s got cool pictures and I like animal books and I can choose my own stories. – Iree

Epic is really cool because there is: read to me, audio and we can read it ourselves. – Natalie

I liked reading Epic stories because it is fun. You can read it yourself or pick read to me. – Joe

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