Integrated Inquiry Planet Earth and Beyond


Details:  Investigate the water cycle.

Driving Question: How does the water cycle affect life and the environment?

All that water what’s the problem?




Recently we have been looking at the water crisis going on in the world and how it affects people trapped in it and how lucky we are to have clean drinkable water piped to our homes.

Water Changes Everything video.

We watched a video and discussed how would we solve this problem.

We posed a question.

All that water what’s the problem?



Our learners wondered;

  • Why the people didn’t have a tap in their home?
  • Why would people drink water they knew was dirty?
  • Why don’t they live closer to the water?
  • How could they get clean water?

I posted a question. How could YOU solve the problem of dirty water using recycled, cheap and available materials?

There was a great deal of discussion including desalination plants and other ideas that when we planned it out were not achievable. Then we looked at who goes hunting? What do you drink in the bush? What can you use to clean the water you get from the stream?

Water filters.




We discussed how could we use the design process and some limited materials to build a water filter.

Ask - Our big question. How could we build a water filter?

Imagine - What would this look like - brainstorm size, materials etc.

Plan - Can we build what we imagined?

Create - Build it, test it.

Improve - What could you do better.

What the students thought about the project.

How can a water filter help the water crisis?


Mar 28

It can save lives by filtering water


Mar 28

It takes out some of the minerals in the dirty water and it saves money so kids can do things.


Mar 28

It can help because people who don’t have clean water can make one then boil the water leftover


Mar 28

It can save the water from being dirty the bad thing though is it doesn’t get rid of the bugs it only gets rid of the poo, bark, and dirt and you have to filter it again and again till it’s clean


Mar 28

We can save water from dirty water to clean water to help our environment stay clean. It takes them 3 hours to get back safely but when they get home the waters always dirty so then people started making filters to give clean water to others that don’t get water.

Jemma Haenga

Mar 28

No, because it only changes the colour but the bacteria in the particles are still in the water.

Water filter 2