Jay's Custom Cruiser

Art in the Park has allowed students to express a variety of ideas through 3D art works.

Going beyond drawing and colouring, students have been able to create tangible examples of objects they have imagined. This has given students an authentic reason to write and share. Wanting to explain the meaning and decisions behind their art means they are motivated to record their thinking.

Jay, Kelsyn, and Tawhiri of Room 5 wanted to share their creations, and wrote the following:

This is our Galarado 45 classic car.

We have made it using cardboard, popsicle sticks, a glue gun, string, straws, and paint.

This car is so powerful. At full throttle, it could blow your head off. It has an LS2 turbocharged engine. The tyres are called Thick Boy tyres that make it look cool. It is designed to take five passengers and it can go on the racetrack, road, and off-road, because we reinforced the chassis.

We have always liked these types of cars, but really Jay's favourite is a Lincoln Continental 1964 slammed and modified. We didn't make it because it would be too big to make.

Kelsyn made a hoist so when we need to fix the car we can get all around it and under it. Kelsyn made the hoist using string as a pulley.

By Jay, Kelsyn and Tawhiri





Their creations were very much student-led, and their learning covered all five Key Competencies of the New Zealand curriculum. They were thinking, participating and contributing, and using language to provide their written information. They had to manage themselves and their time, and also relate to each other to achieve a common goal. When linking to achievement objectives in the New Zealand arts curriculum, these students were able to describe the ideas of their own and others’ objects communicate. In the English curriculum, they were able to show a developing understanding of how to shape texts for different purposes and audiences.



---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Keywords: Art in the Park, student-ledAttributed to: Olivia Graham, Te MihiCurriculum links: Arts L3, English L3Key competencies: Thinking, Participating and contributing, Using Language, Symbols, and Texts, Managing self, Relating to others,

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