When working in a Year 5 class, I was shared an example of building a picture in a reader’s head and to ‘show not tell’ when we write. Here is my example, and I think it highlights what I felt when I moved to this beautiful part of the world not so long ago.


Mount Tauhara appeared out of the mist and I knew I was nearly there. Butterflies were jiggling in my stomach. Would I like it here, what if I didn’t make any friends, what if Sonic, my cat ran away?  Then I saw a peek of blue. As I drew closer, it became larger and larger and suddenly I had arrived. Wow, the sound of lapping water, the majestic mountains in the background. I stepped out of my car, closed the door and sighed.  I knew then, I had made the right choice. This was my new home and I loved it. My new journey had begun.


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of meeting students, whanau, staff and outside agencies and trying to remember names and more names. Thanks to everyone who has pointed me in the right direction and answered my many questions. I have felt very welcomed by staff, students and whanau and I am looking forward to my Wairakei Primary School Journey and all that it brings.


Keywords: Writing, building a picture, 

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