Kase and Lennon – Budding Authors


Early writing for children is all about listening for sounds in words and recording those sounds. Sounding out the whole word comes later and eventually leads to fluency in writing.

Kase has only been at school for a few months and Lennon since the beginning of Term 4. In that time, they, along with the rest of Room 15 and 16, have been working hard on phonics. Phonics is a method of teaching reading and writing that focuses on the relationship between sounds and symbols; what we know as letters. As children develop their phonological awareness, their reading and writing improves. 

A lot went into this particular piece of writing. First, Mrs Griffin showed the children a plain picture of a scooter. Following this came a discussion around what would make a regular, everyday scooter even better. Suggestions from the children included adding wings, lasers, paddles, and Santa shooters! Next, the children designed their scooters, adding detail and colour. Finally, the children chose one idea and wrote their story about it.

Kase clearly has a very good grasp on phonics, correctly recording the first sound on most of the words in his story.


Lennon also has fantastic phonological awareness, recording the initial sounds, but also many of the middle and end sounds as well.


Both boys worked extremely hard on their scooter design and then on their writing, completing their stories independently. Mrs Young was so impressed that she took them to visit Mrs Farquhar and her stash of Principal Award stickers.



Don’t those smiles tell a story of their own?! Well done Kase and Lennon!


 Keywords: Writing, phonics, literacy

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