Kids Bike Taupo

As part of our Inquiry ‘Mark Making - Making a Mark’ to develop better handwriting skills, we have been working on our gross motor skills. Ohaaki Team decided to have a bike day and invited Whaea Cath from KIds Bike Taupo.


We learnt about bike safety and the Road Code. She talked to us about the importance of wearing a helmet on the bike and even showed us some of her friends pukaru helmets...They were in bad shape and some still even had the blood stains on them! Luckily, her friends were OK, because they wore a helmet.


Cath told us about the ABC’s of biking…

A - air, always have your tyres full of air.

B - breaks, always check your brakes are working.

C - chain, look after your chain and never wear loose clothing that can get sucked up in your chain.


We learnt how to be pedal ready on the bike so that we are not leaning into the traffic when on the road.

We played lots of games. We mostly needed to be the slowest to get to the other side of the court. It took a lot of concentration and skill to ride slowly.

View our video here

Some of us even got to ride one handed on the grass with Mrs Devonport.


And some of us fell off!


We had the best day, Thanks Whaea Cath.

We were able to write some pretty amazing story writing too from our bike day experience. Take a look at these….









Photo 2