Room 7 has been learning iconic landmarks in our local area of Taupo as well as within New Zealand.

As a class we researched the different landmarks within Aotearoa and discussed why that particular landmark was important to the area.  What were the surrounding features that may have contributed to that landmark choice?


I discovered that there are lots of places in New Zealand that have a type of food as their landmark Brooke


Some landmarks have been modelled off ones from overseas, like the Leaning Tower of Wanaka Zaara.

Room 7 transferred their learning to study  landmarks from around the world.  As a Must Do task, the students had to find a landmark that interested them, create a miniature model of it and record 10 interesting facts.  Students could work in pairs or individually and present their learning in any form they wished.  The final projects were shared with the class.









Our model took ages to build, and we had to use a lot of ice block sticks.  We really wanted the windows of The Louvre to look like the picture so we put crosses on them Jasmine.

I think that the short clip we added into our slide show when we presented it, made it more interesting to watch Ashleigh

We thought that we knew how we wanted to make our bridge but it changed a few times as we were constructing it.  It turned out pretty good we think” Elliot, Kritnesh and Baylee

Making the models was the best bit because we got to build things Cole

It was a bit tricky to pick one landmark as there were many cool ones to choose from.  I tried to pick one that wouldn’t be too hard to make as a model Max.


Keywords: landmarks, Taupo, New Zealand, Aotearoa

Curriculum links: Art, Oral Language, Literacy.

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