Learn it Prove it

Room 9 have started the term off with a bang, demonstrating Ako (teaching others) skills and things they have learnt. Demonstrating their abilities to incorporate the key competences of lifelong learners. We have been developing strengths in managing ourselves, thinking, participating and contributing as well as relating to others within a wide range of learning areas.

Room 9 students have been learning to use all opportunities that present themselves, some students have managed to use these past two weeks to teach small groups of children skills and activities that they had developed related to Matariki and passing their knowledge on to others.


Isobel: I know the actions and words to a song that would help the class remember the matariki stars names, can i show them.

Zoe S: Isobel taught me this song we will practice and then we will show the class.

These “teachers” took the stage, showing the children the actions and the words to the song. The students then all had fun following the “teachers”.

Levi: This dance is fun, can i get up and teach too?

Amelia: They were great at getting us all excited about the song.

Amaya: I really enjoyed Isobel teaching us.

Clara went home on Monday and came to school with a new skill. Clara had spent all afternoon learning how to make an 8 point star.  She then taught this skill one on one to 3 other children who helped her teach the whole class in small groups.




Clara: You need to start with picking 8 pieces of paper. Next you need to fold the edge like this. Well done you have it.

Nathan: Clara was a great teacher can I now have a go teaching others?

Zoe B: It was tricky but i was able to create enough points to have practiced making it enough so i can now teach someone else.

Emma worked out with hard work how to create a 3D star and she ako her knowledge to the rest of the class. 



Emma: it was a very tricky skill to get but it is worth it to be able to share it with others so they can make the star too.

Lilly: I couldn’t wait for Emma to finish with Nathan so i watched and listened to her instructions and was able to complete it myself. Now I can help Emma teach others.

Zoe was excited to share all her knowledge about the constellations, her knowledge was so inspiring that  Zoe, Levi and Riley wanted to share their understanding so we set out to create visual models of some of the constellations. They set out explaining that the marshmallows were the stars we could see in the sky and the sticks are just a way to make sure they stay in the right formation. In the sky you would have to make an invisible line in order to see them in the same way,





Anna: I will need 14 marshmallows to make the canis major constellations, it looks like a dog.

Levi: Aries only has 4 stars but one is quite a distance away.

Te Ahurei: Orion looks like a headless warrior with a shield.

Zoe B: Teaching the class made me feel excited because they had fun and were able to follow me.

Room 9 has continued with using Ako even in our phunky physics inquiry, learning and teaching each other skills and abilities.



Learn it prove it matariki star name dance 2