Learning Journey Fun

Room 7, as part of our weekly Learning Journey challenges, have been trying new things (Learning it); sharing our new skills with a buddy (Proving it) and having conversations that make us wonder and ask questions.

Challenge Number 1: 

Build a simple creation out of Lego. Back to back with a buddy (so they can’t see your creation) talk through your instructions on how you made it and see if your buddy can follow your directions and recreate your Lego creation.  Compare your results at the end.


We were focusing on making sure our instructions were clear and simple. We have also been using directional language in maths and we had to use some of this as well. What we discovered was that sometimes it didn’t work and sometimes it did.

Our instructions need to be specific otherwise our creations don’t look the same Baylee


Our creations looked exactly the same at the end because Daisy was good at making her instructions clear Charlotte



Next steps: To write our instructions down and re-read them to a buddy to see if they can follow them.

Challenge Number 2:

Learn a card trick and teach it to another class member.

We were focusing on learning a new skill, practising it and sharing it with a buddy. Nathan spent a long time practising his card trick before he tried it out on Mrs I as it was a long trick.  Mrs I was very surprised when Nathan guessed her card correctly!  

My uncle also showed me how to do card tricks. I liked this task on the Learning Journey because it’s cool to see people’s reaction to magic things Nathan.


Sol was able to learn a new card trick and practice it on Casey.  Sol’s card trick involved him using his memory skills. When Sol first tried it out on Mrs Isaacson it didn’t work so he went away and practised it and came back to Mrs Isaacson and tried again.  This time it worked! He then went and tried it out on other class members.

I went away and tried a different technique when it didn’t work the first time.  It was a bit hard to memorise lots of cards so I made sure when people put their cards back in it was the 5th one down and I only had to count to find their card again.  It worked every time. It was fun trying out new skills on people Sol.



My Grand-dad used to show me how to do card tricks.  It is fun doing them on other people Tara.

Next steps: We might choose something new to learn that interests us and share this with the class in a way that we have designed.


Keywords: Lego, cards, Learning Journey, instructions, Learn it, Prove it

Curriculum links: Mathematics, Literacy, Oral Language, Digital Technology (algorithms)

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