Lights, Camera, Play time

Te Mihi’s inquiry involved performing in a Summer Concert. Part of our learning intention was to perform in front of an audience. 


Performing in front of a small audience

In order for us to prepare for this, during our reading program, we practised with plays. We learned how to speak with a good tone, slow, steady talking and getting into character. 


Getting into character

Students learn to read, write and perform play scripts as part of the English and drama curriculum in primary school. We also had to work together and decide on who played who from the play, Read through the play a few times first to become familiar with the vocabulary. 


Knowing the script well and who the characters are is important

We enjoyed reading different plays and acting these out to our class. There were some real characters and funny story lines. Some of us were a bit nervous about performing in front of our friends. The wonderful part was, we all took part. 


Swayde, Rylie and Kelsyn reading aloud to their friends


Working together Practising dialogue performing to our friends


Projection of our voices and clarity was important when performing our play

Keywords: Performance, Plays, Reading aloud, building confidence,

Projection of our voices and clarity was important when performing our play2