Loopy Loom Bands

Market Madness – Loopy Loom Bands

Written by Rikki and Wiremu

Room 7

Wiremu, Roman, Iree and I (Rikki) decided to create loom bands to sell for our Te Mihi market day in Term 3. We wanted to do this because Roman and I knew how to make them already and Roman had some bands at home. We told Mrs Isaacson our idea and she had some bands in her cupboard that we could use as well.  


Roman, Rikki and Wiremu-01

Roman showed Mrs Isaacson how to make a single bracelet and I showed her how to do a double and a triple. I also showed Wiremu how to do a double. Roman showed Iree how to make a double.



We made glow in the dark bands, all one colour and all different colours. Wiremu made a necklace that was all white and we made rings and bracelets. I made a camo one for Mrs Isaacson to keep. We made 62 altogether. Then we had to design a poster to advertise it on market day.  


Room7-Roman poster-03



We hope we sell lots!

I got sore fingers from having the bands around my fingers Rikki

It was hard making the necklace but I was proud that I was the only one who make one Wiremu

It was easy making them because I had done them before but it was a lot of work Roman

I made lots of bracelets Iree

Mrs Isaacson told us that we showed great team-work working together (Respecting Others) to finish all the bands. We had to stay focused for a long time to get them done.


Marketday-room7-Roman and Rikki-05

Keywords: market day, inquiry, loom bands

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