Loving Lockdown Learning

The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you - B.B. King

Everything was moving along nicely for Room 7, then, déjà vu, lockdown hit us again. Room 7 students were very resilient and carried on with their learning, online at home.  This time around, we introduced Zoom meetings in our team, where the students had a chance to see their peers and talk to their teachers. The teachers in Te Mihi showed the Year 6 students interesting learning games, activities, and experiments.

I thought the Zoom meetings were good because I could hang out with others in lockdown and learn something new at the same time. Zaara

It was fun having the teachers do activities online. It was nice to see them. Zoe

Room 7 students were provided with lots of interesting activities to do over lockdown.  These activities were posted online  on our school website and paper packs were also sent home. Te Mihi activities covered reading, writing, mathematics, inquiry, art, science and education outside the classroom.  

It was good having a paper pack for us to do at home because I couldn’t get on the internet.  I wrote lots of stories and read them to my mum. Jordyn-Lea

I thought it was a good idea to have cooking as an option in our learning.  It meant that we could be creative and someone else was there to help me with the cooking if I got stuck. Holly


Cooking was a fun way to link in the key competency of Using Language, Symbols, and Texts as well as relating to others.

I picked the cooking because it was hands-on and we got to eat them at the end.  I liked the games that were put on that we could play with our family.  I challenged my mum and my sister in a maths game.  I lost. Zavier


I picked the art activity because I thought it would be fun.  We had to make something by recycling things from around our house. I made a tin can plant holder and a person out of milk bottle lids. Charlie-Rose

This art activity encouraged Room 7 students to use their creativity and thinking skills to see what they could create.



I did heaps of work online and filled up two books at home.  I liked doing the suffix and prefix spelling work because I have done some of that stuff before. Cole


The outdoor scavenger hunt was good because it got us out and moving but still learning. It was fun doing physical things. I made up some activities of my own to do as well. Holly


I’m good at paper folding, so I made some ninja origami weapons as an extra thing to do in lockdown.  I think they turned out pretty good. Keanu


As a class, we had to manage ourselves over lockdown to keep motivated and get our learning tasks done. Quality time was spent with whanau and our learning sometimes required us to think outside the box and challenge ourselves. Room 7 is always up for a challenge.

Key words: Learning online, lockdown, whanau.

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