Magical Measuring


With a focus on Measurement for our math strand this term, Room 1 has been exploring many aspects of measurement. Using 1cm grid paper and tracing our hands we have used place value blocks to check how wide our palm is and how long our fingers are. We also used different units of measure to measure the objects in our class and out in the playground. We learned how to estimate how long, wide or high an object is and then to check it using various units of measure.



Some of us used rulers and measured in centimetres and meters and some of us explored using our hand span or feet to measure a distance or height. Some of us used blocks to measure how long the tables, board and shelves were.




On another day we explored area and drew the shapes of animals in our maths books on the grids. We then had to count up how many squares were used for our animals and that was the area of our animals. It was great fun and some of our class nearly had a zoo of animals in our books when we finished.

We have had a great time exploring measurement.



Keywords: Maths, Measurement, standard and non-standard units, creativity, estimating, counting

Measuring 9