Making a difference in our reading

Room 4 has been looking at re-telling stories and how we can summarise a story to tell to other groups. 


We have been working in small groups to pull apart a story, we have looked at the plot and what are the 4 main parts of the story are. 

We have to draw the 4 most important parts and write a small sentence under the drawing so we could tell someone about our story without them having to read it. 


Together we have looked at narrative stories and how there is always a problem that follows with a solution. Then we looked at the problem and solution in our story. Here are our examples. 

Lucy, Hana, Keiran &  Liam said: The problem was Greedy cat was eating everything, The solution was that The mum brought pepper to trick Greedy cat so he wouldn't eat anything again. 


Olivia, Oscar, Molly, Taylor M & Nelsons advice was to NOT wash your pants on a windy day. 


Laila, Tia, Casey, Zavier & Luke said: The moral of the story is never leave your jandals laying around. 


Riley, Pippa, Taylor C, Eden & Dane said: The problem was Jack and his family were poor so they had to sell their cow. 


Caleb, Darrirs, Ashleigh, Isla & Blake said: There was a massive problem was that Mr McQurie didn't know what chicken food was so he found a solution of making spider burgers to feed to the chickens, which made them grow really big. 


We had to have excellent group work, this meant sharing ideas and being able to listen to others and their point of view.     

Making a difference in our reading 02