Making a mark with finger puppets

Making a mark means many things - how we leave our mark in our family, our class, our community, our world.

One of the ways we are making our mark is in our handwriting. Can people read what we are writing, is it neat, can we write so that others’ can understand us?

In Room 1 we are focusing on improving our handwriting skills so that we are understood and there are many ways we are doing this. One of them is to strengthen our fingers and improve our eye-hand coordination by creating things using our fingers. We had a great time today making finger puppets out of pipe cleaners, foam balls and eyes. We got very creative with our designs and gave our puppets names. Some of us found the twisting and glueing quite challenging as our fingers are not so nimble and we need to practice doing more of these types of activities.

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Handwriting Expectations

It is very important that children learn to write correctly by making the strokes of the letters in the correct order and direction. The formation of letters needs to be automatic so that students do not have to constantly think about how to form the letters or which way they face etc.

The students will...

  • develop their fine motor control

  • develop a correct 'bird beak' grip

  • understand the left to right orientation

  • develop their ability to cross the body's midline

  • develop their ability to form the shapes correctly

By doing the following...

  • Becoming familiar with Casey Caterpillar and how to form letters (sheet attached).  This is a junior programme but will apply to other students.

  • All letters are to sit on the line

  • Putting a finger space between each word

  • Knowing the difference between capital letters and lower case letters

  • Lowercase letters come halfway up the line, capital letters touch the top of the line

  • Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence

  • Introducing cursive writing when the student is ready

  • Practising handwriting daily

  • Having a handwriting sample at the beginning of Term Two and Term Four

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