Making a Splash

After a hiatus, school swimming sports returned with gusto and saw our Year 4-6 students competing in a number of races at the AC Baths, with many literally jumping out of their comfort zone.

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It was scary at first. After my first face i felt proud of myself for doing something new.

The skills learnt through swimming lessons were on show as students swam to the end of the pool in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke races.

My strongest stroke was breaststroke because I have practised it a lot.

Timing was important as many races were neck and neck, separated by less than a second.

The following students were named as our Swimming Champions for 2024.

Year 4 boys - Tomas

Year 4 girls - Zoey

Year 5 boys - Benjamin

Year 5 girls - Indy

Year 6 boys - Max

Year 6 girls - Isa

A large, strong team was selected to represent Wairakei Primary School at the 2024 Interschool Swimming event, with the goal to win the school championship.

At Swimming Sports everyone was cheering each other on. Most people got a ribbon. Some people got 2 or 3. So give it a go next year and you might be able to win a ribbon.

Competing against the other Taupō primary schools, our swimmers took  the opportunity to shine and Wairakei featured on the podium many times. Notably our Year 6 boys gained 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings in the 25m freestyle and backstroke events. 

When I was waiting to swim my leg of the relay I felt nervous and excited. We were a few places back so I knew I needed to try to catch up. When I dove in I swam as fast as I could.

The successes of our individual swimmers culminated in achieving the goal we set out to achieve: Wairakei are joint 2024 Interschool Swimming Champions alongside Taupō Primary School.

With a participation rate of over 70 percent at this year's event.


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