Making the Most of Your Parent Interview Time

Making the Most of Your Parent Teacher Discussion Time

Twice a year our teachers host parent teacher discussions to talk about the achievement and learning of their students. These are held in the students classroom. We encourage students to accompany their parents to these discussions where possible. Students are able to share their achievements from class with their parents as well as ask the teacher questions with the support of their parents.

I like it when Mum comes to interviews because she can see what I’ve done and what I’ve achieved Toby 

Three-way, family or whānau conferences, which include the teacher, parents and student, have been found to increase family participation to as much as 98%. When students are involved in parent-teacher conferences, parents are more fully engaged with their child’s learning and gain a better understanding of learning expectations. 

They are helpful because Mum and Dad are nice and they find out how to do stuff to help me Laura

Our parent teacher discussions are ten minutes long, so it's worthwhile for you and your child to do some preparation beforehand and make some notes to make the most of the time:

  • think about what you have noticed about your child's work - parents often notice things when they are helping their child at home

  • talk to your child about how they feel about school and anything that they are really enjoying, finding too easy or too difficult

  • ask them if there's anything they want you to talk about with the teacher.  If it's a three-way conference they can ask these questions

They are useful because they (whanau) find out how their students are behaving and how they are working and if they are learning and progressing Anna

Teachers will often ask if you have any questions  - and more often than not, when caught on the hop, you can’t remember what it was you wanted to discuss with the teacher. It is a good idea to write some questions down and take them with you. 

Questions you could ask include:

  • Does my child participate well in class?

  • Is my child progressing as expected?

  • What do they do well?

  • What do they need help with?

  • What can I do to help at home?

  • Are there any areas for concern?

Occasionally more discussion may be required than what the time allows. In this instance, make a follow up time to meet with the teacher to continue your discussion. 

Parent teacher discussions are an opportunity for whanau, teachers and students to get together and talk about what’s on top for them all. They are a key component towards improving the achievement and learning outcomes of our students.

We look forward to seeing you at parent teacher discussions.


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