Math that Matters

Continuing on from our first statistical investigation Room 8 decided to do some maths that matters.

As we are currently learning about global issues so we put our data detective hats back on to find out - What global issue Room 8 is most concerned about?


Making tally charts to collect their data

To begin with, each of us researched four different global issues such as access to education, plastic, homelessness, and endangered animals. We then collected data for our statistical investigation by surveying each person in the class. We asked each person what they thought was the most concerning issue out of the four we had chosen. We used a tally chart to record our data.


Lenox beginning his statistical investigation

After we had finished surveying and collecting data we tallied up the data and analysed it to create a visual representation. Some people chose to create bar graphs while others chose to create dot plot graphs.


Mikayla and Lucy Mikayla asking Lucy what issue she thought is the most concerning

Finally, we examined our data further and came to some conclusions. Addison discovered from her investigation that “In Room 8 the most concerning global issue was life below water because animals are dying from things like plastic”. Skylah found that “Room 8 thought health was the most concerning issue as we need to live”.


Xavier Analysing his data and creating his colourful graph


Riley Analysing his data and ruling bars for his graph

Overall as a class, we found that a majority of us felt the most concerning issues were the environment and endangerment of animals. We believe we place such importance on these issues as we live in ‘clean green’ New Zealand and all love and care for animals. We also discovered that hunger and homelessness were some of our least concerning issues.  We came to the conclusion that this is most likely because we ourselves don’t experience or see these types of issues often in New Zealand compared with other countries.


Leila and Mikayla Analysing the data they have each collected and coming to some conclusions


Chelsy Creating her bar graph


Carly Lucy Working on their statistical investigation


Ari Stacey Creating a visual representation of their data

Curriculum Links

Mathematics (Level 3 - Statistical investigation: conduct investigations using the statistical enquiry cycle: gathering, sorting, and displaying multivariate category and whole-number data and simple time-series data to answer questions, identifying patterns and trends in context, within and between data sets, communicating findings, using data displays.)

Science (Level 3 - Nature of Science – Participating and Contributing - Use their growing science knowledge when considering issues of concern to them.)

Key Words

Maths, Statistics, Data, Investigation, Global, Issues

4 Riley Analysing his data and ruling bars for his graph2