Mathsmatters - Hot Competition

Several months of hard work from our Year 5 and 6 mathematicians culminated in the inter-school team competition on the evening of Wednesday 19 September. Two Year 5 teams and four Year 6 teams pitted their wits against other students from Taupo schools and beyond.


Mathsmatterscomp yr5girls

The year 5s started at 6.30pm in the Taupo Intermediate School hall and had forty minutes to answer twenty mathematical word problems. Most teams finished with plenty of time to spare and the results were outstanding. The top placed team scored 99% with three teams (including our boys) tying for second place on 97%. The teams then had a behind doors elimination round which sadly saw our year 5 boys relegated to fourth place.


Mathsmatterscomp yr5boys

The year 6s followed at 7.30pm with the year 5s closely tracking their results. Two of our teams held a top three position until the scoreboard was turned off. Our top placed teams finished fourth and seventh respectively both with scores in excess of 80%.


Mathsmatterscomp year6



The students all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are keen to give it a go next year. This is a fantastic opportunity to build complex thinking and processing skills. They are using comprehension skills to solve relevant, real-life mathematical problems. This is all done in a team environment where the ability to listen and negotiate is developed.

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Our teaching staff were also honoured on the evening with both Olivia Graham and Sara Sprague receiving prizes for the adult maths competition.


Mathsmatterscomp Sara


Mathsmatterscomp Olivia

Some of the students shared their thoughts about the Mathsmatters competition:

Delta - I really enjoyed this competition. I said to my mum afterwards “Why is it only once a year? - it should be on more often!”

Alex - Thanks so much for this opportunity. It was so much fun and I feel like I have got so much better at maths.

Amelia - I loved the problem solving. I definitely want to do it again next year! I think we had a team that worked really well together.

Ollie - It was briliant - so much fun. I think I am getting much better at solving word problems.

Leroy - I am really looking forward to next year’s competition. I really want to finish 1st or 2nd so that I can do better than my brother!

Keywords: problem-solving, team-work

Mathsmatterscomp results presentation