Meet The Year 4 Maths Peer Tutors

A group of fifteen Year 4 students have been selected to receive some additional training in mathematics, with a view to them tutoring other students within the school. These children were selected as they have academic abilities in math and have displayed potential for leadership roles. The programme runs each week for an hour until September 18. 


Some of our Year 4 Tutors


New mathematics concepts are being introduced to them and once these are grasped, they will share this knowledge with their peers by helping others to learn. The transformation from ability to explanation is recognised as a highly effective way of deepening student understanding of their learning.

The first week involved the group agreeing how they should function together as leaders and experts. The brainstorm was then translated into a group agreement which was signed by each member. Following this, a math knowledge test was undertaken to identify any common learning needs. This identified a shared need for reinforcing 'Place Value' knowledge. This will involve strengthening their understanding of the tens-system which forms the basis for decimals, accessing bigger numbers and working with money.


Group rules

Week 2 saw us launch straight into our learning about 'Place Value' and we are systematically looking for patterns behind the answers that we offer. Mistakes are celebrated and shared as it helps us to identify misconceptions that we or others may have. 


Imogen and Ava grasping place value


Elliot solving problems



The next step is to take our learning back into the classroom where we anticipate that the learning achieved will spread beyond these fifteen students.

Curriculum - Key Competencies

  • Using language, symbols and text - learning new math concepts

  • Managing self - persevering, patience 

  • Participating and contributing - using their learning to help others

  • Thinking - solving problems, choosing words and materials to explain to their peers

  • Relating to Others - showing patience, kindness, encouragement

Keywords: Deeper learning, leadership, excellence, maths number, Place Value

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