MERC Camp 2018

The noise was almost deafening from the excited students cramped onto the bus. We pulled away from Wairakei Primary and headed to the North Shore of Auckland.

As we waved goodbye to all of our parents I went over all the goals I had set for the next few days.


1 try not to miss my brother

2 don’t fall down the abseiling wall

3 if it looks impossible do it anyway

4 get to know my friends better

( and of course, don’t eat too many bake beans)



With my goals sorted I wondered what some other students goals were:

Libbles: to get confident in certain activities.

Nelly: to climb down the abseiling wall.


Caitlyn: climb to the top of the tree.

Abbey: try everything and things I’m scared to do.

Mr Simm: To join in with as many of the activities as possible.

The journey was long and I was glad to get off the bus. I could hear waves crashing and smell salt. We unloaded our bags and walked into the dorms we were going to be sleeping in.


Day 1

I woke the next morning with girls talking silently around me. Mrs Forrest got us up and we went for a run along the beach with Mr Simm. I was excited about my first activity, paddle boarding.

After the run we came back to a well prepared breakfast and then were sent to our first task. Wow we did some cool activities!

Paddle boarding : we worked in pairs and caught waves along the beach. We got to challenge ourselves by standing up.


Tree climbing: man that was challenge we had to work as a team and climb a huge tree!

Abseiling: this one was the scariest of them all! A huge wall you have to walk down.

Stack em: we got to stack milk crates on top of each other to see how high we could get. I was happy to get 12. But some people got to 20! Even the teachers challenged themselves.


Kayaking: our group kayaked over a reef. People in other groups saw sharks and stingrays!


By the time we sat down for dinner on Thursday we were all exhausted and ready to go home. Our final highlight was our concert.

As we drove home on Friday I thought about my favourite part. Holding that crab was definitely my highlight and I wondered what other people enjoyed.

Angela: I loved the paddle boarding

Korben: That we got to try new things

Codee: I loved climbing the huge tree

Nelly: The Camp concert was awesome

Caitlyn: climbing to the top of the tree

Emma S