Mia the Kea

Our class friend (mascot) is named Mia, and she is a Kea. Mia is an adventurous and inquisitive bird who likes to explore and learn. Room 15 students want to be just like Mia. We call ourselves Nga Kaihōpara (The Explorers).


Mia the Kea travels home with a different student each Friday in a canvas bag for the weekend. That student creates a page in her Journal about what they did together.

Creating a connection

Taking Mia the Kea home is a big deal for the students. They are so excited to share Mia with their families and friends. It is also exciting for the student to share a little bit of their own home life with Mia. Blending home and school into the same world for students is so powerful.


Thomas said,

Mia the Kea is so much fun. She likes me reading to her at school.


Learning about each other

When Mia the Kea comes back to school on Monday morning, the rest of the class get to see what Mia did over the weekend. We also learn about the person who had Mia, we see what they did, where they went, and we meet their family.



Students can write, draw and add photos to Mia’s Journal.


Ziah said,

Mia loved going to Miley's birthday party but she ate too much chocolate! 

In the classroom

Mia is included in lots of class activities, students especially like reading to Mia. You will see Mia all around our room. She is in our Class Waka and on our class posters. 


She is also on our POWER Board and helps us to make good behaviour choices at school.

Curriculum links: 

English-Presenting-Developing and conveying a personal voice.

Health-Personal Health & Physical Development-Personality Identity-Describe themselves in relation to a range of contexts 

Mia the kea journal2