Milk Explosion

Some boys in Room 4, have been looking at different reactions when particles connect with each other. 

Here's what they did:

We experimented with how milk reacts to dishwashing liquid. We discovered that the milk has a reaction to the dishwashing liquid and makes the colours in the milk explode. 


Firstly we had to pour milk into a dish covering the bottom of the plate, then we placed 4 drops of each colour of food colouring. 



Then we had to make a prediction of what we think would happen when we placed a cotton bud into the milk with the food colouring. 

Our predictions:

Caleb said  It will go green. 

Oscar said  It will explode. 

Te Ramaroa said  It will connect colours.


We then tested the same experiment again but placed dish soap on the end of the cotton bud this time. 

We discovered that it explodes due to a molecule in the milk known as micelle. This has a reaction to the molecules that are clumped together that spread out fat in the milk when the dishwashing liquid hits it. 


We noticed that:

Oscar said It’s creating patterns. 

Caleb said It has combined and changed colours. 

It has created little rivers. 

 Te Ramaraoa said It's like a change reaction .

After we completed the experiment we were able to teach it to other people in our class. 


Curriculum Links

Science Level 2 Material world: Properties and changes of matter

Students will:

Observe, describe, and compare physical and chemical properties of common materials and changes that occur when materials are mixed, heated, or cooled.

Keywords: Milk, Explosion, Reaction, Experiment, Particles

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