Minecraft Education

Room 5 & 6 have started using Minecraft Education to investigate and present some of our learning. 

We see Minecraft as a 21st-century learning tool that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving with the only limit being the child’s imagination. These are skills our children will need for the future. Think of it as digital lego, were children can show and explain their learning to others. It is engaging and an exciting place to be. 

The benefits

  • Student creativity – Minecraft encourages building, tinkering, and invention 

  • Problem-solving – challenges and projects require higher-level and critical thinking

  • Digital fluency – students learn coding and 3D design in Minecraft

  • Collaboration – Minecraft supports teamwork, problem-solving and knowledge-sharing during joint construction of projects.

Minecraft is a Microsoft institution recently having its 10th birthday. The last ten years have not gone to waste. The amount of support and infrastructure Microsoft have built into the education platform is incredible. There are pre-built downloadable worlds with lesson plans that can be easily adapted to fit the learning intention we have for our class. These cover learning areas such as;

Language and arts


History and culture

Computer science and coding


Art and design. 

As a participant, you can explore a world, use a tour guide, code an agent or make signs explaining what you have learned. Construct a building from renewable resources and invite people to come and have a look. Record a video of what you have built explaining what you have learned and how you have found a practical application for it. Then share this with others. 

However, it is not always about what we think here is what some of our students have to say about it and a video of an inquiry creation. 

Izzy B 

It’s fun because we get to do challenges and make things together and be collaborative. 

Nikau C

I think it is fun to play on not only for play but learning as well. It helps me display my learning and it helps me with geometry and maths.

Emmeline M

I like Minecraft because express our creativity by building things.

Amelia S

I think it is a great opportunity for everyone especially if they want to be an architect when they grow up.

View Minecraft video here