Naturally Nutritious

“Tasty, delicious, and picnic chocolatey” were some of the terms used by Room 1 students when asked to describe the taste of the nutritious bliss balls they had recently made. 

We have been learning about the human body. Part of learning about the human body is learning about what foods best fuel our bodies for activities such as learning. We discovered that humans need a balanced diet full of nutritious foods. We agreed that it is essential that everyone possesses the skills to create these kinds of food for themselves. 

We decided to learn how to make healthy bliss balls for our lunch boxes. We found a simple recipe that consisted of only four ingredients; peanut butter, honey, coconut, and cocoa. We all knew that these ingredients were healthy, however, we struggled to explain why. In groups, we researched the health benefits of each ingredient. We used the Padlet app to combine our ideas into one document. In groups, we presented our new found information to the rest of the class. One group discovered that peanut butter includes more than thirty essential vitamins and nutrients while another found that honey helps to improve heart health. 


Harry Kiara Josef Richard and Ariella creating their bliss balls

After finding out about the nutritional benefits of bliss balls we learnt about the structure of a recipe. We discovered that a recipe has a title, list of ingredients, and a method. We learnt how to read a recipe correctly and used this skill to create our bliss balls in groups. We also learnt about some fractions and units of measurements such as 1/2, 1/4 and teaspoon in the process. After having fun creating our very own nutritious snacks we gave them a taste test. We were all pleasantly surprised by how amazing they really tasted. 

Next, we did some senses writing about the bliss balls. We used similes to write about what the bliss ball mixture looked, smelt, felt, and tasted like.

Evie wrote the bliss ball mixture looked like big fat pony poo


Evie Isabella and Ricky mixing the bliss ball ingredients together

Lily wrote the bliss ball mixture felt like crunchy snow. 


Ariella and Richard helping to mix


Ihaka Tyler Nelson Arabella Jessie and Lucy begin to roll their mixture into balls

Our next step is to now write our very own healthy banana oatmeal pancake recipe using a video clip as support. We will then swap recipes with a classmate and use their recipe to make our own healthy pancakes. 

Curriculum links 

L2 Science - Living World - Life Processes - Recognise that all living things have certain requirements so they can stay alive.


Nutrition, health, human body, recipe, fuel, inquiry. 

4 Ihaka Tyler Nelson Arabella Jessie and Lucy begin to roll their mixture into balls 2