Let's fill our buckets for anti bullying day

It was busy for Room 3 and Room 15 on the anti-bullying day to spend the morning with our buddy class.

We learned why we have Pink Shirt day and where it all began. We learned that pink shirt day started in Nova Scotia, Canada by two young boys, similar age to us, who saw a boy being bullied because he wore a pink shirt to school. The bullies said “that’s a girl colour”. The bystanders saw this and didn’t like it; they came up with a plan. After school they visited the local Op Shop and bought all the pink shirts they could find. They sent messages to all their friends and the next day,  over 100 kids wore pink shirts to school in support of the boy who had been bullied. This act of kindness has become an international phenomenon.

We then watched a cool interactive story online that taught us the power of kindness. Here is the link to share with your family. Oat the Goat - Kindness video

After this, we read some great books. How to fill your bucket? and Have you filled a bucket today? Together with our buddies, we completed an activity together. We discuss, drew and wrote ways we can be kind to others and fill someone's bucket. This was a great way to support anti-bullying day together with our friends.


Pink shirt day represent


Supporting our buddies


Reading with our buddy this helps us develop fluency


Filling our buckets


teaching our buddies to colour between the lines


Our books

1. Pink shirt day represent