Tuakana Teina in Room 1

Tuakanateina refers to the relationship between an older (tuakana) person and a younger (teina) person and is specific to teaching and learning in the Māori context. Within teaching and learning contexts, this can take a variety of forms: Peer to peer – teina teaches teina, tuakana teaches tuakana.


Learning the steps of paper flower making


Excitement at choosing just the right colours


Discussing how to create the perfect flower

Our recent Mother’s Day activity was a fantastic opportunity for some of our students in Room 1 to show Tuakana Teina towards some of our younger students in Room 8. They helped them create beautiful paper flowers to give to their mothers on Mother’s Day. There was a lot of dialogue about how special their mothers were and they took a lot of care and pride in their work. They wanted only the best flowers for mum! The feedback from the students was incredibly positive and they all enjoyed the opportunity to work together.


Putting on the final touches with glitter


What a great way to spend time with friends

Here is a  link to Room 8’s blog post about their experience working with Room 1.

Putting on the final touches with glitter