Authentic Persuasive Writing from Room 3

In Room 3 this term we have been learning about the global issue of plastic pollution and how we can help by cutting down on waste.  Our writing focus has been on persuasive writing. Clare made a poster about getting involved and making a difference. Our inquiry learning has been about the technology design process, including creating and testing prototypes. The students were set a challenge to design something that will help solve the problem of plastic pollution caused by single-use plastic. Our science focus has been on understanding how materials change, knowing which materials will biodegrade and which ones will not.  All of these lessons came in useful for Clare recently when she flew with Air New Zealand. Following is her letter to the airline explaining what happened


Clare with her prototypes

To Air New Zealand

On a recent trip to Wellington, I was lucky to get the job to hand out the lollies. When I was finished there was only one white lolly left, so Nicole, the flight attendant, got me some more. When I got home I thought about how many lolly wrappers are going into our environment from Air New Zealand planes. I had a lightbulb moment! I decided to make paper lolly wrapper prototypes, as we have been learning about prototypes at school. 

First, I unwrapped a lolly and put it on a piece of paper to measure how long and how wide it needed to be. Next, I cut it out and then I wrapped it around the lolly. But there was one problem. When I wrapped it around it ripped a little, so I got a piece of a brown paper bag and did the same.  This time it didn't rip. I printed out some air New Zealand logos. Soon, I glued the logos onto my lolly wrappers. I am trialling these prototypes to see if the lollies will stick. 

I think you should use paper wrappers, as they will biodegrade. Did you know that your plastic wrappers will all be here on earth forever? Lots of animals die from eating plastic. Please care for our earth and environment!

I am starting a petition to get Air New Zealand to stop using plastic lolly wrappers. If you stop using single-use plastic you can be an example for other companies and they might stop too. Small changes will lead to big changes! Please stop using plastic lolly wrappers on your flights and also think about the other single-use plastic that you are using.


Prototypes with logos

Clare, age 8.

Wairakei Primary School.

Room 3.


Clare then went on to make a petition and collect signatures. It is very special to see all of our learning in class integrated and used in an authentic context. I have been very impressed by the passion, self-motivation and independent use of her learning that Clare has shown with this letter and petition.  I wonder how many signatures she can collect? If you are keen to sign her petition, please pop in to Room 3 and see her. I wonder what Air New Zealand will think about her letter?  Will they reply? We’ll keep you updated.

Clare with her prototypes2