Swim like a dolphin

Living next to a lake is a daily part of life in Taupo. The students in Room 11 and 14 were super excited about the final day of their water safety programme held at the AC Baths. Lifejackets were fitted and fastened in readiness for the action packed last day of swimming.

To begin with, our qualified swimming instructors assessed what we could do in the water already. We learnt these skills through a variety of fun water games and activities. 

The students learning involved:

  • entering/exiting the water safely

  • moving in the water confidently

  • submerging our body completely

  • picking up objects underwater with our eyes open

  • floating on our tummies and backs

  • sculling

  • freestyle arms, legs and breathing

  • backstroke arms and legs.

I learnt to do the froggy kick. It was tricky so I kept trying. May

I learnt to glide. Gliding is when you're at the wall and then you kick off and just glide. Avery

I learnt how to fall backwards and go under the water. At the start I was worried about it. Harrison

I learnt to do the froggy swim. It's when you pull your ankles up to your bottom and tuck in your arms and then move your arms and legs into a star fish. Then you glide with a straight body in the water for about 3 seconds. Alyssa

I can do freestyle and breath once I have done three circles of my arms. Thea






On our last day at the AC Baths we participated in a water safety day where we learnt all about life jackets. Our instructors taught us what to do if we found ourselves floating in the deep water like using our whistles, how to call for help, staying together and keeping warm. We feel so much more prepared now if we were to find ourselves in that situation.

Lifejackets make people see you, help you float and keep you warm. Faith

We learnt how to huddle up together to keep warm in the water. This helps people see us and come to help us. Max. S

Our class made a train of people so people can come rescue us. It is easier for the helicopter to spot the reflectors on our lifejackets. Andi







Keywords: Swimming, water safety, floating, sculling, freestyle, backstroke, kicking, submerging, bubbles, froggy kick, lifejackets