Newsletter Week 1 Term 2 2015

Welcome back to a new term. This is a longer term with eleven weeks in it. It will mean that our children, yes they belong to all of us, may get tired and a little grumpy as we head towards July. We have a few public holidays this term and a Teacher Only Day. Our school teacher only day is on Friday May 29, 2015. We have added it to the Queen’s birthday holiday so that you as a family will get a longer break. School will be closed that day so no children will be catered for. 

I would like to thank our parents, teachers and support staff who attended our school camp in the last week of term. I attended for two days and was amazed at the skills our students show in an outside setting. Our students were incredible. I don’t say that because I am biased, I say that because I saw children taking risks out of their comfort zones. Our teachers provided a wonderful experience for their classes and the total commitment of the parents just added to the mix. I have to personally thank Diana Fitzsimmons and her kitchen crew for the stunning food. The banana splits were a real treat. I know that what goes on tour stays on tour however the parent’s concert performance was superb. I have used a lot of descriptive words in the newsletter today. I hope you see my strong sense of pride in our school in these words. 

This Friday there will be no assembly. Instead we are hosting an ANZAC celebration starting at 10a.m. This ceremony will be held by the pool area with the raising of the flag and the last post. This is a special time for our country and our school. The white cross that you will see have the names of the fallen soldiers on them. The crosses will remain up in the school grounds. We ask that no one touches the crosses or removes them. 

Class letters went home yesterday and the community calendar will go home next week. 

Please place into your calendar the opening of the Aquaponic Unit on Friday May 1, 2015 at 10a.m. 

Kind regards. 

Paula Farquhar, Principal 

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2015 04 21 newsletter