Newsletter Week 2 Term 3 2015

Not such a nice to start the week with rain. Hopefully the weather will improve over the week. Room 7 hosted a lovely assembly on Friday. Such a pleasure to see our students in action. 

Senior school swimming concludes this week. As we are missing a day on Thursday due to parent teacher discussions we have spoken to the AC Baths coordinator about having another day in the pool to cover the water safety aspect. See the swimming notice below. 

We have also secured a day for the junior school as those children who swam in the first half of the year also missed out on a day. We will advise details when we know more. 

We will not be sending out times for those parents who have not booked a time for the parent teacher discussions. We believe that you as parents know the importance of these meetings and can arrange the times to suit your family. We offer these times as part of our commitment to your children and their learning. Please book a time using on the on line service or talk to Val and Rhonda in the office. Bookings can be made on line at The code for our school is QFBSH. There will be no afternoon lessons on Thursday to allow for our discussions to occur. If you are able to pick your child or children up for the afternoon we would really appreciate it. There will be someone watching those that cannot be picked up. 

There will be a meeting with the Education Review Office personnel on Tuesday 1 September, 2015 starting at 2.20p.m. in the staffroom. The members of the team will be looking for your input about how the school is going as a whole and areas of improvement. All parents are invited to attend the meeting. 

There are a couple of extra meetings planned for the school about some of the other programmes we are running. This is your opportunity to hear about these programmes and to ask questions of the teachers who are running them. Check the ‘Events Coming Up’ to see the start times for these meetings. 

Enjoy the rest of the week. Not many more days of weekend sport left in the season. 

Paula Farquhar 


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