Newsletter Week 3 Term 2 2015

I am writing this just after our opening to our Aquaponic Unit and I am feeling very elated with the ceremony and the support from our community for the project. The morning went so well with our children setting a wonderful example of how you sit quietly and to show respect while adults are talking. I am sure that our invited guests also noticed the fantastic behaviour they displayed. The opening went off without a hitch. The weather shone for us and the unit itself was set up as an exemplary standard. We were very lucky with the whole event and how it went. 

I thank John Painter, Diana Fitzsimmons, Amanda Jones and the Enviro Team for their efforts to get the unit ready to show off and for their assistance in setting it up. Diana gave a short speech at the cake cutting which told us how happy she was with the occasion. Thank you to Donna Hemopo and Mem Tangi for their help in the kitchen and to Toia Harris for the wonderful cake she made. We will be returning to the normal assembly routine this week. 

On Thursday May 7, 2015 I am sending the teachers from Rooms 4 to 11 on a Professional Development trip to Auckland to look at a modern learning school set up to run flexible learning options for all ages. Relievers will be in these classrooms on this day. This is a one off Professional Development opportunity for us to send a large number of teachers away at one time. I am doing it on purpose as I want the teachers to see a new school and its systems so we can have a robust and informed conversation on the Teacher Only Day being held on the Friday May 29, 2015. The senior teachers in the school have already been to visit this school. This will be the last time we will do a day like this. I will be joining the teachers in Auckland as well. 

I would like to remind all parents who pick up their children that we need you to use the pedestrian crossing where the Road Patrollers are on duty. It sets a very bad example for our school children if you skip across the road from the shop in front of the driveway to the hall. Our Road Patrollers that we put out there are trained to stop you and to ask you to use the crossing. Not making eye contact with them does not mean you can skip across the road. Cars come up that hill at a great rate of knots and it is unsafe for our children and for you as an adult. 

I hope all the Friday and Saturday sport went well. I am back in town this coming weekend so hope to get around a few games. 

Paula Farquhar


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2015 05 5 newsletter