Newsletter Week 4 Term 2 2015

The wet weather has arrived with wind and rain coming down on us. Already we are starting to see odd coloured sweatshirts coming into the school rather than the recognised hoodie and sweatshirt. I can see that all children have a school shirt and it is now just the hoodie or sweatshirt for families to purchase. Please assist your child to have the correct uniform or come and see Val in the office. We do have some spares available. 

Our Aquaponic Unit made the front page of the Taupō Times and onto It is very exciting to see our Enviro Group getting the recognition they deserve. We have also added it to the website and hope that you will share it with your friends and family using your own networks. Here are some links for you to see it: 



The Taupo Times e-version will be updated with our story on the front page later on today. 

The PTA are hosting a Drinks and Nibbles evening on the May 27, 2015 at 916 Poihipi Road starting at 6.30p.m. It would be great to see new families to the school joining in with this fantastic group and also our existing families coming along to support the school PTA. 

Our teachers from the middle and junior school enjoyed their experience in Auckland. They were able to see a very modern school designed in the North Shore. Daniel the Principal and his staff were very welcoming to us and allowed us access to all of the school and how they operate. 

For us here at school we are starting to look at how we might improve our teaching so that our target group of learners has the very best access to learning opportunities. 

We are taking our boys as a target group and seeing what they need to have in their learning programmes. We want the learning to be active not passive. We want our students to take responsibility for their own learning and be able to talk to you about it all the time. This is a three year journey for the school as defined by the School Charter that had been developed from the Board of Trustees. You can find this document on our website under the About Us tab. You might want to have a look at some of the resources we are using in our research phrase. 



Over the next term I will be adding some of the ideas our teachers and Board are developing and share them with you. These will all be linked to the website. There will also be a parent meeting next term that you will be invited to. I have given us six months of researching to clarify our ideas just so we can answer your questions with knowledge. 

Paula Farquhar 


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2015 05 12 newsletter