Newsletter Week 5 Term 2, 2015

A reminder that our school is having a Teacher Only Day on Friday May 29, 2015. We have added it to the Queen’s birthday holiday so that you as a family will get a longer break. School will be closed that day so no children will be catered for. 

It was a semi quiet week last week as the rain kept us inside and out of the playground. The highlight of the week had to be the Rooms 8 and 9 assembly with their adorable Bruno Mars song that they sang along to and the way they told us about their trip to the local Police Station, Library and Coastguard. 

The Enviro Group have their first booked in visitors to come and see the New Zealand’s first Aquaponic Unit. They will be preparing their speeches in anticipation of the visit so others can see how clever and knowledgeable they are about the inner workings of the unit. 

The Ripper Rugby training was cancelled due to rain so it will be held this week. Fifty of our students asked to be a part of the Ripper Rugby tournament. We are dependent on transport for this event so if you can take a car load to and from Owen Delany Park on Tuesday June 2, 2015 please contact Claire Smith at While we would like you to stay and be cheerleaders you can just drop off and pick up on the day. 

I have heard a number of families talking about the start of the new class in Room 10 and if there will be places for new students. The answer is yes. There will always be places for our students to be a part of the community. It is our job as a school to make sure there is a teacher and classroom for your child to work in. You can help us with the planning of this by pre enrolling your pre-schoolers and if 

you know of others who want to come to our school get them to come and see me or pick an enrolment pack from the office. If we have their names and date of birth we can plan effectively for Steaming into School and for when we need the new class to be ready. 

The mufti day held on behalf of the Nepal earthquake disaster raised $381.00. 

Room 1 made a very sombre video that is on the website that highlights what our children know about this major event and uses our SOLO symbols as part of the video. Ask your children about the symbols they see on the video. I would be very interested to know what they say they are. 

Paula Farquhar 


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2015 05 19 newsletter