Newsletter Week 5 Term 3 2015

We had a lovely assembly on Friday with Rooms 10 and 11. They certainly do have the cute factor. It was great to see the learning woven into the show and the final video of them changing from babies to school aged children was very cute. 

We have been conducting a safety check around the school and from that we discovered that our storm water drains were very full. You would be amazed at what we found in the drains when we had them cleaned out. A school sweatshirt, shoes, many spoons and the odd fork. Really interesting. If you happen to see someone lifting the drain lids on the weekend or during a term break please let me know. Then I can check the drains to make sure they are still clear. 

We have been using the text system for absences for the past four weeks. I haven’t had any feedback yet as to how you find it. If you have a comment please let me know or pass your thoughts onto Val in the office. Please update your phone number if it has changed. 

At our senior school meeting last week one of the questions was “Where does the research come from to start changing our education system, from what it has always been to what seems like a free system?” For us here at school we started with acknowledging that some of our learners both boys and girls were passive in their learning. We had a look at this article “Supporting future- orientated learning and teaching – New Zealand perspective” to see what our academics were saying about learners. This article is found here.  We also looked at the John Hattie effect sizes work conducted in the New Zealand to see what teaching techniques have the most impact your student learning. Here is a list of the top 10. You can see the rest at The higher effect size means the more affective intervention. 

Teaching Technique 

Effect Size 

Source of Influence 




Student's prior cognitive ability 



Instructional quality 



Direct instruction 









Student's disposition to learn 



Class environment 



Challenge of goals 



Peer tutoring 



Well done to our Spelling Bee participants. Nyah Thompson came second overall in the Junior Section and our team came third equal. The Spelling Bee was held at Taupo-nui-a-Tia College on Thursday afternoon. 

We are seeing a number of children coming to school who are not well. This often means we have to make a call home and send them home when they are unwell. Sick children often spread the sickness around and the teachers will often pick it up as well. Please help us to protect the teachers by keeping unwell children at home. 

Have a great week. 

Paula Farquhar 


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Please note the month is incorrectly stated. The dates are for August 2015.

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