Newsletter Week 6 Term 2 2015

It is always wonderful to see new families joining us for Room 10 and 11 assemblies. It provides a real opportunity for you to see the learning in action and to meet and greet each other. It also makes you appreciate what teaching five year olds can be like. 

We had a big crack down on playground behaviour last week. Much of the inappropriate behaviour is coming from outside of school issues and from tackle rugby that brings out the worst behaviour towards one another. 

To help us here at school please talk with your children about their friendships inside and outside of school. Respect is so important at this stage of development. 

We will not condone threatening behaviour towards another child at any time. It will be dealt with quickly and with parental involvement. Not nice for you as a parent to get a phone call from your child talking about this kind of inappropriate behaviour. 

We do try to restore the relationship between pupils however if this type of behaviour is supported at home, our job is much harder. It would also be great to see a parent who knows and understands the rules of rugby to come at lunch time to take a game on a regular basis. We want to support our growing boys to be able to let out their energy in a positive way. 

We have also been tracking the use of the digital devices here at school. Reports are coming in that games are being deleted on the way home from school and then reinstated once the device is back at school. Please check your child’s history to see if this is happening. We will be continuing to do spot checks here at school as well. Our children are clever when it comes to IT however you still have the option as a parent to stop their access if they are not respecting the rules. 

We are having a school hangi as part of our celebration for Matariki. The food will be prepared by the children the day before and the hangi will be put down ready to be opened at 1.00p.m. on Thursday June 18, 2015. We are asking for vegetable donations towards the food preparation of the hangi from our families and there will be a cost of $4 per person for the hangi pack. This money goes towards the meat costs and to cover any other vegetable needs that we have. We need pumpkins, kumera and potatoes for the packs and one vital ingredient, you as helpers on the both days. 

The school will also be taking part in rotation to 

celebrate Matariki including planting of more trees around the school. I am also looking for donations towards the tree planting. It is the same as last year $5.00 a tree. 

Our PTA meet and greet evening is this Wednesday May 27, 2015. If you would like details or instructions on how to get there please contact the school office. 

With regard to the weather bomb that has recently hit us, we don’t close the school unless the buses stop working. If this happens there will be a notice on the local More FM radio station. 

Please note that the school will be closed this Friday. This is a Ministry recognised Teacher Only Day. 

Paula Farquhar 


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2015 05 26 newsletter