Our Journey to Get There

2020 Interschool Cross Country


A journey starts with a single step, and quite often there are obstacles along the way. That was the case for cross country training and other sporting events in Term 3, as Wairakei Primary School had to deal with restrictions placed upon it by Covid 19. Our school got creative and came up with some solutions though.

Teachers decided to train as individual classes and see how far each class could run over the term. The challenge being to see which class from each team could run the furthest. The results are as follows. For Ohaaki, Room 14 ran 349 kms. From Aratiatia, Room 4 ran 595 kms, and from Te Mihi, Room 8 ran 478.5 kms. Poihipi children tried to run to Mars and back. They didn’t quite make it but had fun trying and got fit at the same time. Well done to all the classes that participated in this challenge.


Our staff and children also wondered how far they could run when all class distances were added up. Out of the classes that recorded results, the total distance of all classes was 3160kms. If we could run across the ocean, that means together we’d make it past Sydney which is 2283kms away from Taupo. We’d almost be able to run from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island and back again, which is a distance of 3200 kms. That is a huge effort for Wairakei Primary School. Well done! Let’s see if we can beat that distance next year.


After all this training, the children that qualified to compete at the Interschool Cross Country were raring to go. All children that participated at Interschool Cross Country did a fabulous job. Just to qualify for this event is an achievement. Wairakei Primary School had some really good results on the day too to finish 2nd overall out of all schools competing. 




Daniel, Poppy, Leila and Sapphire had podium finishes, all finishing in the top 3 for their year levels, with Daniel, Poppy and Sapphire winning their events. I also think that Wairakei won the award for most supportive school with the way they encouraged all runners from other schools.






On behalf of Wairakei Primary School, I’d like to say a big thank you to all of the children that participated and to parents and caregivers who came down to support their children and helped out with transport. 

Please visit our gallery to see more photos from the Interschool Cross Country. 

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