Our Whanau in Art

Room 15 created a piece of artwork that represents our whanau members and our surrounding landmarks. This tied in nicely with the term one focus of ‘Our Place.’ 


The koru represent our family members - the bigger ones are our parents/caregivers and the smaller ones are ourselves and our siblings. 


Reegan said, This is all my family. That’s Mount Tauhara and the Lake Taupo.


Austin said, This is Lake Taupo and this is my mountain and these are my family.

The blue at the bottom of our art represents our beautiful Lake Taupo and the green represents Mount Tauhara or Mount Ruapehu. 


Marshall said, Hi Mum and Dad. This is my mountain and my family and Lake Taupo.

The children worked on this piece over quite a few sessions choosing to create one element at a time. We think you’ll agree with us that they are stunning!


Tomas said, This is dad. This is mum. This is my brother. This is nan. This is Mount Ruapehu and this is Lake Taupo.


Livvy said, Hi Mum and Dad. This is my mountain. These are my koru and my mountain and my lake. This is mum and dad and my sister and me and this one is a connector.


Bailey said, Hi Mum and Dad. This is Lake Taupo. This is Mount Tauhara. This is our family.

Keywords: koru, whanau, Lake Taupo, Mount Ruapehu, Mount Tauhara.

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