Participating & Contributing Creates Stars

The theme for Poihipi’s items in the Summer Concert was Our Lake - Lake Taupo.

Room 11 knew there was a taniwha, Horo-matangi, in the lake.  We also knew the waiata 'One Day a Taniwha' so we decided to create a dance item around it. To do this we had to understand the words in the waiata. Our version had a verse in Te Reo and English.

We explored how each of the lines of the song could be represented with movement. We used our personal experience with swimming styles we had learned in our recent swimming lessons to show swimming movements. We explored the different shapes a taniwha would make as it moved in water. We thought about how we would be feeling and what expressions would show on our face.


With a dancing buddy we created ‘mirror’ movements and shared them with the class. We chose the ones we liked the best and practiced them in sequence with the waiata as we were singing it. With practice we were able to change our movements in time with the words and control our breathing to sing and dance at the same time. 


Room 11 had been making taniwha puppets and some of the children wanted to use these in the item. They worked together to explore the different ways they could manipulate the puppets to ‘dance’ as well. 



Mrs Jackson shared with the class our learning steps. We were confident with our timing, performing a sequence of movements, and using space. We discussed how we could show ‘energy’ in our dance and how this would improve our performance.

I need to show more energy when I move the taniwha. I can move my whole body and not just my arms, said Jack

I can show energy by smiling, said Dorian

My body goes up and down, up and down in wriggles, said Riley

We looked ‘suitably summery’, dressed in our shorts, t-shirts, sunhats and sunglasses for the performances.



Mrs Jackson was so proud of our performance in the Summer Concert. We were manahau (excited) and a bit  āmaimai (nervous). Mrs Jackson thought we were very clever working together to create a dance that everyone enjoyed.  She called us little stars!




Keywords: inquiry - Summer Concert, movement, music, energy

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