Ship in a bottle, gem stone and yellow candle

These are just a few of the items that we wrote poems about. Room 7 joined “The writers kit NZ” team nationwide. We were all set to write some poems to another class in New Zealand.  

First of all our box of goodies arrived to our class.  The box contained a small tin with some interesting items to get us thinking creatively about words.  We set up stations with one of the items at each point; we then moved around with a buddy and wrote what the object: looked like, felt like, smelt like and how would it move or act.  We filled up 12 sheets of A3 paper with our ideas! We had lots to work with.


Willow and Frankie

Next, we were able to choose the object that interested us the most to create a poem about.  We had to write 32 poems to send to our buddy school so some of us had to do more than one!


Jacob and Ciana

We had a set plan that we had to follow when writing our poem.  We started with an anagram (of our object), 18 describing words and then finished with the name of our object.  


Nathan and Jovarn

We got to colour-in the back of the poem card and when you joined all the poems together it spelt: “Write your own story”.


We also had a special poster that we had to fill out to tell our buddy class about Room 7 and where we come from.  


Finally the poems and the poster were sent off to Kaikohe School – our buddy class.  We hope they have fun reading our poems and we can’t wait for some to be sent to us!


writing poems room7 jacobandciana 3