Preperation for Student Led Conferences

Te Mihi is excited about introducing Student Led Conferences. This is a way we can share our learning with our whanau. This is about how we prepare for this. 

Reflecting on our previous learning goals:

It is important to reflect on our learning. This helps us understand where we are at, how far we have come and where we need to go to next. 


Identifying our learning goal reflection on our learning


Looking at next steps identifying new learning goals

William goal here

Inviting our parents to come attend our conference:

As part of our literacy programme, we created a personal invitation to our whanau. We had a look at the layout of an invitation, what information is needed and relevant to our student-led conference. 


Planning our invitation for our whanau


Digital version of an invitation designed by Kelsyn


Proud personal invitations created by our tamariki

Nikau goal here

Writing the script:

To make it easier for us we are writing a script to help us when we present our student-led conference. After we have drafted this, we sat down with our teacher (Mr Simm or Mrs Forrest) and discuss what we would like to share and why. 

Hannah goal here


Piki planning and preparing her script


It’s role playtime. This allows us to practise our presentations with our peers. We become comfortable with presenting our learning and build confidence within ourselves. As we participate in our role play we are able to make any necessary changes. 


Hannah Chloe W and Mac practicing with a role play


Emmeline preparing for SLC. practice. Building confidence with our peers


Riley Swayde and Carter preparing for SLC

We are excited to be able to share our learning with our whanau.  

Keywords:  Student agency, Accountability, celebration of learning, student-led conference, Whanau

Hannah Chloe W and Mac practicing with a role play 7