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A colour symphony in Room 8

The children previously made sherbet and loved it. This time we tried another science experiment called “a colour symphony”. Read more about 'A colour symphony in Room 8'...

a colour symphony experiment Room 8 5

Room 8 and our pepeha

The pepeha is the way to introduce yourself in Maori. Room 8 inquiry is about “Inside Out” and we are looking at the question “What makes you, you?” Read more about 'Room 8 and our pepeha'...

Pepeha all our pepeha Room 8 04 2

Room 8 and our Class Treaty

In room 8 we will be talking and referring to the Treaty on a daily basis to make sure we can enjoy our learning time in a great environment.Keywords: Treaty,... Read more about 'Room 8 and our Class Treaty'...

Class Treaty self others environment working on respecting others 4