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Sports Assembly 2018

Here at Wairakei Primary School every year we do a special assembly once a year to acknowledge all students that play winter sports (Hockey, netball, basketball, football, rugby and rippa rugby)

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Sports Assembly 7

Cross-Country 2018

A cold and blustery day saw 34 Wairakei Primary School students from years 4, 5 and 6 make the trip to Spa Park to compete in the 2018 Inter-School Cross Country

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Inter School XC 1

The Book Fair 2018

Wairakei Primary School sold $4,100 worth of books raising over $1,000 for the school library

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Book fair 9

MERC Camp 2018

s we waved goodbye to all of our parents I went over all the goals I had set for the next few days.

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Reporters Club 2018

The Envio group completed our annual Waste Audit.

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