Progress reports

Reporting the Progress and Achievement of Our Students  

Celebrating Their Successes and Making a Plan to Achieve Next Steps

“We all progress at different rates and start from different places. Assessing and reporting on your child’s progress – not just their achievement – takes into account their starting point. It helps teachers and kaiako provide your child with the right learning opportunities and support. It also helps you know what progress your child is making and how you can support their learning.”

This week your child will be bringing home a mid-year report. This report includes detailed information about the progress and achievement of your children, as well as next steps for learning. 

The Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) is a resource used by schools to support teachers to make consistent decisions about students’ achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics. 

Wairakei Primary School is a PaCT lead school and has used PaCT since 2015. Last year we sent out PaCT reports as part of the school reporting cycle. 

As part of our mid-year reports, we have included a PaCT report for Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  The diagram below will help you to read this report and gain an understanding of the curriculum level your child is working at in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.


This symbol (I) shows your child’s current level of achievement. This is also stated in 1a. Some students will have multiple symbols - tracking their progress over time. Some of these marks may be very close together. As a lead school in PaCT, Wairakei Primary School has been involved in professional learning around making judgements, and as a result, there were times in previous years that multiple judgements were made. As we have moved through our PaCT journey, our judgements are becoming more robust and there may be some jumps in their level of achievement.

1c indicates the expected curriculum level for students as they move through their schooling.

1b highlights the scale that is associated with a best-fit curriculum level. When a judgement is made a score is generated - indicating the curriculum level your child is working in.

This blue line shows your child’s current progress and the dotted line predicts where they will be in a year if their progress stays the same. What do you notice about it? Is it going up, down or straight?

If the progress shows a decline, or that your child is not on track, it is a good idea to book a time to meet with your child’s teacher in our upcoming parent-teacher interviews and student-led conferences to discuss further strategies to support your child’s learning.

If the progress shows continued improvement and that your child is on track to meet expectations, we can keep doing what we are doing, or make small changes to accelerate progress even more.

This grey band shows how the middle 50% of students in New Zealand are achieving. How do the expectations compare with actual achievement? Where is your child’s achievement in relation to students of their year level across New Zealand? Over time we see that the grey band tends to go lower in relation to the black expected

Curriculum level line.

Also included in the reports are comments from your children’s teachers about their reading, writing and mathematics behaviours and comments about their learning through inquiry. When read alongside the PaCT reports they provide a complete picture of the progress and achievement of your child.

Read the reports with your children. Older students will be able to talk about the reports in greater detail, giving examples of what this may look like in the classroom and at home.

Make a plan around how you can help them with their next learning steps and importantly celebrate the achievements and progress they have made.