Project Pump Track

A group of Ohaaki students have been making a difference by contributing to our Wairakei Village community pump track.

The Ohaaki Team have been working on Passion Projects on Thursday afternoons. Our Passion Projects involved us choosing an interest area and contributing toward a positive outcome for our local community.

The Pump Track group wanted to contribute to our local community by helping with the Pump Track that is being built on the Wairakei Village Park.  A pump track will meet the needs of our local community by providing fun, entertainment, exercise, and connection with others.

We have been working with Chris Te Whare - a community member and school board trustee. We have been down at the park digging, moving the dirt and making jumps and berms. Some of us have more stamina for digging than others but we all enjoy being outside in the fresh air.


Chris was there to help us push the wheelbarrow


Chris shows us the plan for the pump track on the white board


This is the model we made of the village pump track

We made a model of what we hope the finished pump track might look like. We mixed red, blue and yellow play dough together to make brown. We used the playdough as the dirt on the model. We painted cardboard for the base of our model and used cardboard rolls to make the jumps and berms. We made the fence that borders the park with ice block sticks and beads. Lastly, we made trees out of paper.

We are working on encouraging others in our school community to volunteer at the pump track.  Maybe one day we can have Kath from Bike Taupo visit with the Ricky Biker Van full of bikes. 


Danika exploring the beginning of the pump track

I liked mixing the play dough together to make brown play dough for dirt on the pump track model.  I liked playing at the park. I helped dig and I got dirt in my shoes. Danika


Ryleigh in charge of the wheelbarrow

I liked making the trees for the model pump track - I did the cutting.  It was fun having a ride in the trailer at the park. I helped to do the digging it was fun.  Ryleigh

It was hard work digging but it was also pretty fun.  I can’t remember how many loads of dirt I dug. Te Pou


Jessie getting stuck in

I enjoyed making the brown playdough for the model pump track.  At the pump track I helped build a jump and I got towed in the bucket.  Jessie

I liked building the ramps up to the jumps.  Caleb


Te Pou Toby and Oscar are expert diggers


Toby is very good at digging

I liked digging and loading the dirt into the wagon.  I dug the whole time. Toby


Oscar was a very hard worker on project pump track

I went to the pump track with my thirteen year old friend in the weekend and put some dirt on the jumps.  After we dug the dirt we rode our bikes on it to make it compact. It is fun having a pump track in the village.  Oscar


We found three bigger boys to help us


We even had some bigger helpers


We even had some bigger helpers


The tyres make the jumps bigger and stronger


Team work


Site visit checking out the mountain of dirt


One of the jobs is to pack down the dirt we can do this by running on the track


Of course, we had a little play after our site visit


Learning to be pedal ready


Joseph practicing his bike skills so he will be ready to ride on the pump track


It doesnt take this crew long to fill the wheelbarrow


Here is our group getting our bike skills up to scratch with Cath from Bike Taupo


Cath checking the tyre pressure


Cath is telling us how to check our bike is safe and ready for riding

Curriculum Area

Social Science 

Level 1 Achievement Objective

Students will: Gain knowledge, skills, and experiences to understand that people have different roles and responsibilities as part of different groups.

WALT: Identify the needs of the local community and what we can do to help meet these needs.

Key Words: Passion Project community caring

Attributed to:  Ohaaki Team, Wairakei Village Community, Chris Te Whare, Bike Taupo

Joseph practicing his bike skills so he will be ready to ride on the pump track