Puzzle Time

We have the challenge to complete a 500 piece puzzle by the end of term 3. The key objectives are - to work collaboratively, problem solve, patience and perseverance. By completing this puzzle we will be using skills such as

  • Algebra (patterns)
  • Geometry (shapes)
  • Measurement (distances and positions)
  • Oral language (the discussions we have while we are working on this together)
  • Problem solving/perseverance (finding that one piece you have been searching for, for ages)

We will blog and update as we progress through our Puzzle.


Puzzle time_ Selfies


Gilbert, Victor, Libbie and Alex - stage 1- working on the puzzle during morning tea


Izayleah, Eve, Victor, Jacoba, Asher and Ryleigh


Starting to see some of the sea creatures take some shape

4. Starting to see some of the sea creatures take some shape. YAY