Rakau Sticks

Learning and then proving 

by Carly  ( Room 6) 

Watch a video of us playing the Rakau sticks here

Here is a Youtube clip of others playing Rakau Sticks.

What we had to do: I can create a kowhaiwhai pattern by translating, reflecting or rotating a unit of repeat.

I will know I am successful when I can throw and catch the Rakau with a partner

Room 6 learnt how to play the rakau sticks game, this helps with hand-eye coordination, team work, and this teaches you more about the Maori culture. This was a 'Must Do' set by our teacher, Mrs Wilson. My partner and I first learned the basic moves. These were a very important part of the rakau game. After a few practices we all watched the simple tutorial of an original song (E Papa). 


My partner and I practiced this a couple of times until we thought we should do something new and unique, so we made up our own actions. We started practicing this and surprisingly, it actually looked cool. We continued practicing until a couple of minutes later we got chosen to share this with Mrs Farquhar and Mrs Foley in the school office.


I liked learning about this game because it's exciting, fun, and easy to play. My favourite part of learning the Rakau Sticks was that I got to make up moves to include in the rhythm. It was very interesting how the game formed. Everyone in the group did have to do a lot of setting up; making the sticks, learning how to play andin the end it was really worth it. The best thing  about it was we got to share our learning with the principal. This was an amazing opportunity that we took.


Next time I think everyone should practice a little bit more so the dance isn't so rusty. Maybe we should have tried to make the Rakau Sticks thinner or just take our time making up the moves. We definitely could have made the moves simpler so it's easier to remember. I think we all  tried our hardest to make it the best we could and we achieved our goal. It was a really fun activity to complete.


I learnt how to use a rakau stick properly and I enjoyed it because I got to work in a team and help each other.

The next time I would try and get more in time with my partner to practice. Hannah

I learnt how to do rakau sticks and make up a combination using the sticks as part of my Must Do’s. We had to work in pairs and learn new things. To get better at Rakau I need to practice more and memorise the sequence so I remember what to do . 



I learnt to work together as a team and I enjoyed this activity because we gotta make up a dance with the sticks.  If we do this next time then I would make it a bit longer and better.  Jorja




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