Recycled Crayons in Room 3

By Piper, 8 years old

I got a book from my aunty and I looked in the back of it and discovered how to make recycled crayons. I had a lightbulb moment! I thought I could make my own crayons and show the class. Mrs Thompson had told us to think of ways to reduce waste. 


The book that I got my idea from

At home I made my first prototype. I used old broken crayons.  The first thing I did was sort them into colours. The instructions said to melt the crayons in the oven, but we decided to try doing it in the microwave.  We thought it might be faster, but it wasn’t. We put the crayons in a microwavable plastic container. Then once they were liquid, we poured them into moulds on baking paper.  I made love heart shapes, kiwi shapes and round ones. We waited for them to harden and then we tested them. They worked well!


Making them with my brother at home

I brought them to school to show the class and Mrs Thompson asked if I wanted to run a workshop with the whole class.  I got more crayons from classrooms. I asked the teachers if they had any old crayons that they didn’t need anymore. I showed everyone what to do. They looked a little bit confused, but they finally got the hang of it. We made multi coloured crayons in muffin trays.


Old crayons that I collected


Running my workshop with the class


Trying the oven method at school

The class had a discussion about the crayon prototypes. They thought the round crayons were too fat and you couldn’t draw on skinny drawings. Ava put her hand up and said I should make pointy ones.  That night I talked about this with mum and she said that I could use an ice block mould. I tried this and broke the microwave, because it heated up too much! We tried it in a pot on the stove and it worked better than anything else.  Even though the microwave finally woke up, mum said we weren’t ever going to use it again for crayons! 


Shaped Prototypes


Round prototypes

My final prototype was the skinny crayons made in the ice block mould.  I thought they were the best ones so far because they could be used for skinny drawings.  

I thought this was an amazing project . I think maybe nobody has ever recycled crayons before at school. I would love to make more recycled crayons next term.



Making them with my brother at home 1.12.19 PM